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As a teacher, how many times have you been told that your job is easy? How lucky you are to have 12 weeks of holidays and only work ‘8 til 3’?

As fellow educators, the Lead and Inspire Community appreciates the reality of how much time, effort and energy you put back into your profession. Don’t misunderstand, we love teaching and believe it is the greatest job in the world! Like you, we are happy to put our all into being the best teachers we can. It just sometimes comes at a cost to our health, well-being and energy levels.

The following profile may sound familiar – often feeling tired and overwhelmed but putting on a convincing front. A high achiever, you pride yourself on teaching and inspiring your students, working as a leader in the school, being a member of multiple committees, and organising a before or after school program. Despite this, you still want more and know you can achieve more. You realise that you should be looking after yourself, but you are really good at ‘getting through’ a successful year by not putting your needs first.

Lead and Inspire can empower and inspire you to action easy changes to evolve to a better version of yourself. In joining this Community, you will be amongst a supportive group of like-minded professionals working towards creating a toolkit of techniques to help you care for yourself so that you can better care for those around you. Take a browse around our site and find out how we can take you to the top.

Our Values

  • Positivity
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Passion
  • Education

"Lead by example and inspire others at the same time"

jessica Terlick

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