A bit about the community

Our mission is to create a supportive community for Educators where every person feels vibrant, enthusiastic, energetic, passionate and empowered. It is all about striving for our personal best in an intelligent way where we simplify, stop and listen to what we need for ourselves. We want to create a supportive community because working in education has so many stressors outside of our control. At the end of the day, the only thing we can control is our own decisions, beliefs and mindset. It is important that we make sure we utilise our time and energy effectively to cater to the needs of those around us. There is so much professional development on what we can do in our classrooms, schools and for our students; so why not professional development for us?

Our Culture

  • Sense of Empowerment
  • Passion, Clarity, Energy, Vibrancy
  • Encouragement, Inspiration
  • Supportive Community
  • Lead by Example

“It all starts with YOU and you deserve the time and energy”

Jessica Terlick

A bit about me

I love being a teacher and I love teaching my students but, if I’m entirely honest, I love teaching teachers even more. I want to work with passionate teachers who are high-achievers, striving to be the best that they can be, yet seem to always find themselves placing others’ needs before their own. I aim to support these teachers in regaining their energy and enthusiasm by presenting, coaching and sharing inspirational, practical and relevant information, where the key message is how putting yourself first will help you to care for others. Who would have thought? That investing time in yourself could help you do a better job teaching, educating your students, looking after family and friends and managing life in general!

I have been teaching for 10 years and I would have loved to have known what I’ve learnt in the last two years when I first started. In my first five years of teaching I suffered from regular headaches, often lost my voice and even had warts (yuck!) because I was stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. I kept a tight hold of it all, not sharing my struggles with anyone, so only my body showed the strain. I would stay up late and get up early, work on weekends and spend my holidays preparing for my students and classroom. I was definitely an emotional eater and always needed a tissue box handy! After teaching in the country for four years I was lucky enough to gain a position in the city at ‘the perfect school’. I felt confident in my teaching abilities and I was eager to take on more leadership opportunities but I now needed to build my reputation and demonstrate my skills in a school where there was so much expertise and not a lot of change management. Fast forward a year and I won a position at a ‘leading change school’ who recognised my determination and high achiever personality. I then gained my Level Three Classroom status and discovered my passion for presenting and working with colleagues.

It’s only recently that I’ve learnt how important it is to put myself first by investing time in my own self-care practices, personal development and setting aside ‘downtime’. As a result, I’ve experienced far fewer health issues, my emotions are in check, I’ve lost 27 kg, I get up early and go to bed early, I have even more energy and, most importantly, I feel balanced. I would not have been able to learn all of this had I not spent a year off on maternity leave. Having that time away from our profession really put things into perspective and I could recognise the benefits of prioritising my own needs; ‘If my cup is full, I can fill others’.

If I can support even one colleague to feel like they have a good work/life balance, that they are in control of their emotions and not constantly exhausted, but confident in showing their expertise, taking on leadership opportunities and speaking to others about how amazing they are at their job, then I will have achieved my purpose. I am truly excited to share all this information with you – it’s definitely a game changer!

our group norms

  • We are a supportive community of teaching professionals.
  • We recognise the importance of nourishing ourselves – mind, body and soul.
  • We are proactive in identifying our own needs, finding solutions and the additional support we need because we are always striving for progress and not perfection.

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