Your Year For Success

Start the year off with the work/life balance you desire!

This program is designed to set your year up the way you want it to be, right from the very beginning. You will identify what it is you really want from the year ahead, build a support network to help you achieve it and learn how you can work at it every day and not lose sight when life happens. The workshop will give you the strategies you need to head into the school term inspired. Following the workshop, you will have nine weeks of different motivations in the form of weekly video prompts to guide you to attack term one with a different perspective as well as support from the Lead and Inspire Community throughout the term. We are all about reflecting, collaborating, actively participating and putting ourselves first to achieve our own balance this year!

Content will include:

  • What does your ultimate year look like?
  • Who is part of your support network?
  • Your own goals and how to achieve them.
  • The importance of putting yourself first again.
  • How this learning continues from the workshop.

Your Four Week Nourishment Plan

– It’s not all about food!

When a term starts you have the best intentions of being healthy and looking after yourself. But then the workload creeps up, you start to get tired and before you realise, all your good intentions of looking after yourself drop to the bottom of your priority list. What you have forgotten is that those best intentions actually increase your productivity and your mental well-being. Doing this four-week online course will guide you to create a mindfulness, movement and healthy eating plan (Nourishment Plan) so you can feel energised, inspired and vibrant all year! You will receive exclusive access to the Lead and Inspire Community Members group, weekly videos, weekly presentations and worksheets that you can access all online.

Content will include:

  • What is a Nourishment Plan?
  • Why mindfulness is important and examples of how to incorporate mindfulness into your day.
  • Why movement is important and examples of how to incorporate movement into your day.
  • Why healthy eating and food preparation is important and examples of how to incorporate this into your week.
  • Creating your desired goals of what you want and a ‘Nourishment Plan’ for four weeks.

Creating ‘More’ Time and Energy

How often do you find yourself wanting more time or energy? Exhausted, hungry all the time, overwhelmed, always feeling like there is so much to do? There is a range of things you can do to create ‘more’ time and energy. Creating daily habits or rituals is one simple way to re-energise and fuel our minds. This workshop will guide you to create your own inspirational toolkit of strategies that you will be able to put in place for the busy term ahead. You will receive three hours of strategies, tips and tricks to use to create the feeling of having more time and energy and be amongst other teachers in the Lead and Inspire Community.

Content will include:

  • Time and energy breakdown. What happens when we don’t have either?
  • What do you ACTUALLY spend your time on?
  • Clearing space: physical, mental and schedule.
  • Prioritising strategies.
  • Stop taking work home – unless…
  • Energising strategies.
  • Understanding your energy cycle.

Tea and coffee provided on arrival and morning tea will be served.

Effective Organisation Skills

Welcome to Lead and Inspire's Annual Community Event! Thank YOU for being part of the Lead and Inspire Community! All teachers are invited to attend this workshop as it will build upon your current organisational skills. We are coming into the busy report writing time, so there is no better time to become even more productive and organised to get you through this time and to the end of the year. You will need to bring your to-do list and any planners, journals or things you need to do urgently but can’t seem to find the time or the motivation for; because we will get started straight away! Leave empowered, inspired and recharged.

Content will include:

  • Creating a system that works.
  • Getting in touch with your body and mind.
  • Start tasks when you feel like doing them.
  • Strategies to improve your organisational skills.
  • Daily rituals and habits.

Simplify to Amplify

– Detox, declutter and de-stress!

You know that never-ending to-do list, things you want to do, jobs around the house, piles of resources, folders of marking and all things teaching; you have a lot of it! Getting THIS all sorted, once and for all, will actually give you more time and energy! Get ready to detox everything from your handbag to your emotions and relationships! There is no better time to do this than winter – get inspired and empowered! This online program runs for 10 weeks. Each week you will have achievable tasks to focus on, information and support. Lead and Inspire collaborate with the beautiful Ciara from Simply Sorted Professional Organisers to really provide you with the support, inspiration and motivation you need!

Content will include:

  • Weekly focuses and tasks.
  • Why it is important to integrate the focuses into everyday life.
  • 10 weeks of support!

Lead and Inspire’s Teacher Retreat

You do not have to wait until school holidays to rest and recharge your batteries. It is time for Teacher Retreats to become a thing! Clear your weekend for some YOU time and feel all the benefits when you go back to work on Monday! We are running out Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Workshop at this event, plus two guest speaker/activities.

Content will include:

  • Surprise Guest Speaker
  • Surprise Activity
  • Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Workshop (See below for details of content)
  • Tea and Coffee provided
  • Delicious lunch included

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

During this workshop, we venture out to topics that may be a little different! You will look at daily practices of self-love, gratitude and all things ‘mind, body and soul’. When you connect back with yourself everything seems easier. This workshop is not to be missed because if you knew this content years ago it would have made life a lot easier!

Content will include:

  • What happens when we step outside our comfort zone?
  • What do we feel before we step outside and then afterwards?
  • Self-love.
  • Gratitude.
  • Mind.
  • Body.
  • Soul.
  • Meditation and free writing afterwards.
  • Creation of an action plan.

Tea and coffee provided on arrival and morning tea will be served.

Reflective Practice

– a summary of 2019 and the beginnings of a huge 2020!

You are a lifelong learner and you nurture lifelong learners. To evolve as a better version of yourself you need to look at your strengths and where you need to improve. Clearing out what has been and happened, allows us to move forward positively. This reflective practice will run you through three weeks of deep reflection and provide you with time for thinking, organising and celebrating.

Content will include:

  • Clear the space. Teacher resources tend to get out of hand.
  • Reflective questioning.
  • How do you want to start next year?
  • Start creating those resources!

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